Freeze Drying Fanatics!

Susie and her husband Doug are freeze drying fanatics who bought their first freeze dryer in 2015 to preserve the bounty of fruits and vegetables from Susie’s garden. They started sharing with their family and friends, who shared it with THEIR family and friends, until people started showing up at Susie's door asking for more!

And so Susie's Pantry was born! Now Susie and her team run 8 freeze dryers 24/7 in Susie's commercial kitchen to keep up with demand. Susie's line of freeze dried fruits and snacks surpasses all other suppliers in taste, quality and longevity. Once you've tried Susie's Pantry, you won’t want to buy freeze dried snacks anywhere else!
Susie and her team sell online as well as several local boutiques and gifts shows where they live in Utah throughout the year. They often experiment with new products to add to their line of fruits and snacks. If you have any special requests or suggestions for Susie and her team, please drop us a line.
Susie's Pantry Booth